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5 Amazing Mountain Wedding Ideas

What better place to start the rest of your life with the person you love than at the top of the world? The Great Adirondack Mountains offer a backdrop and atmosphere that is unmatched — stunning views are always part of the basic package. Your mountain wedding can be as grand or rustic as you prefer, there is no limit of possibilities to having a wedding on the stunning peaks of the Adirondacks. Here are 5 amazing mountain wedding ideas you might consider when planning your event.

1. Your Love for the Outdoors

If you have always wanted to express a woodsy style, this is the perfect time. From your attire, which might include a flower headband and simple flats, to centerpieces, adorned with luscious moss and delicate branches, take the opportunity to showcase your love for nature. If you have decided to have a mountain wedding, chances are that you have spent a lot of time outdoors. Make DIY projects that include pictures or postcards of your previous trips and adventures that your guests can enjoy.

2. Your Favorite Places

Did you visit Deer Valley Trails or the Adirondack Mountains as a child? Maybe you have already made a few precious memories with your future spouse in the area. If so, recapture those moments and make them a part of the big day. Provide a list of “special places” for your guests so that they may tour your favorite spots, and be sure to have your photographer take pictures that include your most cherished locations.

3. Fresh Wild Flowers

Make beautiful, simple centerpieces that will enhance your mountain wedding by simply placing vases of fresh wild flowers on your tables. You can find gorgeous flowers and excellent foliage to make your own centerpieces right in the local area. Your guests will never know that you did not spend hundreds on a professional florist. Just be sure to check with a park ranger before picking the flowers.

4. Custom Signs

Your guests will love following DIY customs signs at your mountain venue. From lodging to the wedding and reception location, place signs showing your guests which way to go for a certain location. This is a great, inexpensive addition that you can use to easily showcase your theme and personal style.

5. Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are elegant and stunning to see lightly moving with the breeze at outdoor weddings. They provide an easy way to decorate everything from the wedding arch to reception spaces without using a lot of time and money. If the fabric alone appears to plain for your tastes, you can easily dress it up using floral touches, pearls or ribbon.

If you are looking for an excellent venue in the Adirondacks to live out these mountain wedding ideas, Deer Valley Trails is the perfect location. There are packages to meet the needs of all clients.

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