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Dining in the Adirondack Mountains

Eating. We all have to do it and when dining out, it should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t you think?


These days, nowhere are there rules written that say, “…at dinner you must wear a suit and tie.” “Lunch must be eaten between the hours of 12 p.m. and 1 p.m.”. “Dinner setting must promote stuffy dinner conversation.” Blah, blah, blah.


No, we say dining out should be something that awakens the senses! Eating wonderful food skillfully blended by masters of their trade in the kitchen, and in whatever surrounding that floats your boat (or powers your snowmobile).


Now, imagine lunch or dinner the way you want it- but this time savored amidst the sights and sounds of the amazing Adirondack Mountains. If this is beginning to wet your appetite, you’ve come to the perfect place.


Deer Valley Trails is in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Nestled comfortably in nature, this recently remodeled restaurant, bar, and lodge offers a unique escape from everyday life. Enjoy an afternoon of fishing or hiking, skiing or biking, or just drive your snowmobile right up to one of the 12 rustic lodges. And no need to worry if you put in a full day on the snowmobile…you can gas up right here. As a matter of fact, you better gas up because you won’t find another gas station for a while.


Oh, and when you get in touch with nature here, you don’t have to lose touch with your friends, family or work at home. Feel free to take full advantage of our free WiFi available at our restaurant and bar.


So, with all of the adventure in our backyard, and numerous convenient accommodations, the rustic lodging, and our stellar dining experience, there is only one question left to ask: why haven’t you planned a trip to Deer Valley Trails – in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains?

Deer Valley Trails