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Planning for Seasonal Changes and Conditions in the Adirondacks

The Adirondack Mountain seasons are like a climate all to their own. Up here, the weather and conditions can be a little bit different compared to typical New England weather. To help you anticipate season changes and the adjustments they bring with them, here are some elements to prepare for when visiting at a certain time of year:



Spring means snow melt up in the Adirondacks. This time of year creates harrowingly fun Class V rapids on the Hudson River, and it offers excellent conditions for fly and lake fishing starting April 1.

One thing to take note of, though, is that the snow does not melt evenly. Mountain tops are at a high enough elevation that snow can linger until late April. Other snows can trickle in the soil for weeks, creating what some people call “mud season.” Look for updates on trail conditions before expecting to go hiking or mountain biking in certain areas — at least until mid-May.



Summer is the best time to visit the Adirondacks for most activities. Fishing, hiking, biking and just enjoying the scenery are all great. Rock climbing is perfect as is camping given the mild mountain weather.

At lower elevations, the temperature can get quite hot, especially on the lakes. Make sure to wear sunscreen, bring lots of water and have a plan to take a rest and cool off in case you get too roasty. Another consideration during the summer is bugs, so bring lots of repellant.



Fall is without a doubt the most gorgeous time to be in the Adirondacks. The weather can begin to get chilly, but sunny days and crisp mountain breezes make this time of year perfect for hiking, boating and even some fishing without breaking a sweat.

At this time of year, the mountains erupt in one of the most colorful displays in the world. These colors linger longer than most regions, too. From September until late October, fiery bursts of foliage can be seen everywhere. You can hike or drive through these displays, and be sure to catch the Great Adirondack Balloon Festival near Lake George for a once in a lifetime experience. Bring a stout jacket and some layers, though, the winds can be quite active and the temperature can drop, especially at night.



Winter is just as choice as summer in the Adirondacks for those that love their outdoor sports. Enjoy skiing, both at resorts and deep in the backcountry. You can also go ice fishing, ice skating, ice climbing and even get hauled across the snowy plains by a team of dogs.

Dress in many layers with a base layer and a waterproof outer shell. Also be prepared for the chilly mountain air, which can drop well below freezing once the sun goes down.

Keeping these guidelines in mind, anyone is due for a fun and memorable time in any of the Adirondack Mountain seasons. While you are here, you can take your rest in an authentic mountain cabin at Deer Valley Trail. We are located in the heart of the Adirondacks and offer lodging, dining and event functions. Our facilities are perfect for a rustic wedding, banquet or reunion. Make your dining or lodging reservation by giving us a call today at 518-856-9243.

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