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Snowboarding in the Adirondacks — Know Your Stuff

The Adirondacks offer amazing opportunities for powder-hungry snowboarding enthusiasts to shred the slopes. Our snowboarding offers more rugged terrain, more immersion in nature and with less crowds than other areas like the Catskills. People looking for resort-style snowboarding or who are feeling more adventurous will love the diverse slopes and boarding opportunities offered in the huge and historic Adirondacks area.


Resort Skiing

Ski resorts offer the luxury of chairlifts, well-marked slopes and amenities like equipment rental and repair. Anyone who wants to spend a quick afternoon or weekend hitting the powder with no wait in between will likely want to opt for this more modern take on the sport.

There are three main resorts that folks visit when they want to enjoy snowboarding in the Adirondacks:

  • Gore Mountain: This resort is the biggest in the area. It boasts 95 trails of all difficulties, a 3,600 foot summit and many options for shopping or dining. It also has an excellent snowboarding school for people looking to learn or advance their skills.
  • Titus Mountain Family Ski Center: Titus Mountain is farther north and much closer to Deer Valley Trails. They have 30 trails and are open late Thursday through Saturday so people can enjoy some night snowboarding.
  • West Mountain: Located right next to Queensbury, West Mountain has 40 trails and a modest 1,470-foot summit.


Backcountry Snowboarding in the Adirondacks

For the true enthusiast, taking the chair lift just ruins the experience. Hundreds of adventurers head to the Adirondacks for some of the choicest secluded slopes this side of the Alps. This option is only for the truly experienced athlete who can accomplish a double black diamond without breaking a sweat and who can withstand several hours of trekking around mountainsides. They should also be well-stocked with the proper equipment; simple hiking boots and a Denali jacket won’t cut it up in the real mountains.

Those who are seeking the ultimate adventure can hire a guide to take them on the best routes to find the best slopes. Wright Mountain is a popular destination, especially its Angel Slide near the peak.

Snowboarders should have a pair of Alpine Touring crosscountry skis and their board slung around their back while trekking. These skis are lighter than Alpine versions and include a heavy duty binding that allows the rear binding to be released, freeing up movement in the toes. Climbing skins should also be used on the bottom of the skis that allow forward sliding and grippy traction.

Always chart your course carefully, be prepared and be aware of the opens in a new window very real dangers of avalanches when voyaging into the backcountry. Boarders are advised to take someone experienced or hire a guide for their first few trips.

When you are finally done with a long day of hitting the untamed slopes, you can come unwind in one of the 12 comfortable cabins at Deer Valley Trails. We also have a full-service restaurant and can arrange events like weddings, banquets and reunions. Make your dining or lodging reservation by calling us today: 518-856-9243.

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